My intimate dealings with God and man.

My father buried a woman in a sink hole on his property. This is a sink hole.

Don’t Despair

Life is such a great journey. Half the time we don’t even know what we’re doing. Pain, laughter, joy — sorrow. It’s the rainbow of life. Journey well some days. Journey not so well other days. I was reading another blogger that was struggling through a mistake. It hurt me to read because don’t weContinue reading “Don’t Despair”


A sudden change in the atmosphere and control is alive, The child is gripped with fear. Hurried movements and suspicions abound, The child is gripped with fear. No sound, no smells, no talk. The child is gripped with fear. Without power and held through restraint, The child is gripped with fear. Come quickly Lord JesusContinue reading “Whiplash”

Mirror Mirror

Introspection — what better way to start a week. Question: How do you perceive God? Who do you think He is? It’s taken me most of my time on earth to understand his graceful, loving, forgiving nature. Time and time again I find myself asking Him to forgive me. His answer — I already have.Continue reading “Mirror Mirror”

A Moment of Silence

Father, I come to you this morning in a word of quiet, Please remember today all the mothers, father, sisters, brothers, cousins and extended family members who lay fallen under the weight and consequences of incestuous choices. Theirs actions are noted by you. Their steps and conducts of darkness do not escape you. In miseryContinue reading “A Moment of Silence”

Run Alongside

Side stepping emotions never works. The eruption of thought most often ends with feeling — at least for me. Expressing emotion can be frustrating. Recalling a traumatic time can be thought about for years. Applying emotion to that thought may never happen. When it does happen, healing occurs and that thought will begin to dissipateContinue reading “Run Alongside”

Teaser Tuesday

The book A Prisoner by No Crime of My Own has been professionally edited and will be published this year. To pique interest, I will share tidbits from the manuscript with you each Tuesday. Chapter 1 – He Called Him Cholla “You and I will always be unfinished business.” –Unknown They were in love. MyContinue reading “Teaser Tuesday”

Mirror Mirror

Introspection — what better way to start a week. Mother’s Day was yesterday. The day was terribly hard for me. When I chose to stand up and fight this enemy of incest, I knew the battle would not be an easy one. I stay true to that commitment even when it hurts. And, it hurts.Continue reading “Mirror Mirror”


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