Modern Day Psalms

My intimate dealings with God and man.

Expressing deep feelings and faith.

A Yard of Glory

I didn’t get here by myself. It’s the one thing about all these healing tools I don’t like. They put the onus of healing on the victim. While it is certainly – strike that, absolutely necessary to find and tell your story, what do you do with all the broken pieces you find? That burdenContinue reading “A Yard of Glory”

The Distinguished

I have qualities in this life that I would not have if I didn’t come through tragedy. Tragedy has engaged some of the finest characteristics that I just wouldn’t have found without the experience. Because I am alive and another woman is buried 20 or 30 feet under the ground and will never see theContinue reading “The Distinguished”

Our Destiny

An unnamed enemy cannot be defeated. I am not your enemy. True and complete healing comes only from God. I cannot bring that healing, nor can you yourselves bring that full restoration. I have disappointed you both, and for that I am sorry. I am convinced that nothing can separate us from the love ofContinue reading “Our Destiny”

On Integrity

What is integrity? Is it not smoking, swearing and not hanging out with those that do? What’s the gauge by which we measure? It surely is not judgment. Seems to me that integrity these days is the person with the strongest conviction that they are right. By whose standards are they right? If you useContinue reading “On Integrity”

Dear Mama,

Dear mama,  Some days I am capable of seeing you through adult eyes. Eyes that are full of compassion and understanding. But as I read your response I feel only from my child self. I am brought back to that broken girl inside me, filled with rage and sadness. The one still begging to beContinue reading “Dear Mama,”

The Fangs of Darkness

Why do I bring up evil? It is the one thing that most counselors don’t speak of. It is not the subject of healing mantras and seldom is it recognized in trauma recovery. That doesn’t mean it’s not real and the very essence of incest. Do I love the family members that I came through?Continue reading “The Fangs of Darkness”


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