Dear Mama,

It’s always so interesting to hear our lives from your perspective. How you perceived things in our home and how you perceived yourself. You write that you remember each detail of our bedrooms, everything was accounted for so to speak. But just the other day at dinner you had forgotten that sis and I evenContinue reading “Dear Mama,”

Cotton Candy & Whimsical Things

Don’t forget to have fun along the way! My childhood, bleak as it was, had moments of clarity through fun. My brother and I played in the woods for hours. When the rain came, we’d run outside with our bare feet to dance and be silly. I can still feel the wet clay dirt betweenContinue reading “Cotton Candy & Whimsical Things”

It’s Just So Easy

Millions of us will choose not to tell our story. Deeper still, millions will choose to hide and deny their truth. It’s just so easy to walk away from the past, or, is it? It breaks my heart, actually. It was not easy to tell my story. Can you imagine calling the police about aContinue reading “It’s Just So Easy”

A Caterpillar’s Catastrophe

What happens if a caterpillar does not turn into a butterfly? The caterpillar will continue to feed while there is food available, until it can no longer grow. Feeding slows down and eventually stops. Since the caterpillar does not form a cocoon or pupae it eventually dies from dehydration. It has a short window to morph into it’s beauty. Not so with God’s human creatures. He gives usContinue reading “A Caterpillar’s Catastrophe”