A Conscience Confession

Many struggles met me when I was actively redeeming the parts of my past that needed healing. One of the hardest for me was going back and confronting the people who hurt me. When my mind’s eye was closed and I didn’t see their crimes, it was much easier for me to be around myContinue reading “A Conscience Confession”

Timeline of Two Lives: The Victim & the Murderer

This is the timeline of two lives that very likely intersected in Vancouver, Washington, on State Route 14. The woman was most likely returning to her children in Goldendale, Washington. Madeline did not drive. She took the Greyhound bus when she traveled, when not with a friend. The Greyhound bus station was relatively close toContinue reading “Timeline of Two Lives: The Victim & the Murderer”

A “Childless” Child

No child lived within me after the age of 3. I was grown by then. Given over fully to a life of survival. I don’t remember what act brought me to the threshold of the death of my inner child. Was it the death of a stranger I’d witnessed or was it the sexual assaultContinue reading “A “Childless” Child”

I Hate . . . Myself

I’ve spent too much of my life feeling responsible for the crimes that were done against me. The last time I saw my mother, I felt that old burden of responsibility creeping in, the desire to not to blame her and leave the shame she ladled into my life with her. I felt a needContinue reading “I Hate . . . Myself”