The Discernment of Discouragement

On this journey I’ve had to cast the courage to care so many times. I’ve wanted to quit, give up, stay with inappropriate people and just stop caring. The more I cared, the more I had to work at discovering the hidden evils around me. I remember telling Redmond, my counselor of many years, “CanContinue reading “The Discernment of Discouragement”

Teaser Tuesday ~ It’s Here! Order your copy today . . .

The book A Prisoner by No Crime of My Own is now available as an eBook and paperback. The Audible Book will be released shortly. I am so happy to share that it has already been purchased around the world. My book dedication page: Ode to the Unknown WomanWe met only once but I neverContinue reading “Teaser Tuesday ~ It’s Here! Order your copy today . . .”

Mirror Mirror

Introspection — what better way to start a week. Question: How do you recognize the fog of dissociation? What is it speaking to you? When I chose to stand up and fight this enemy of incest, I knew the battle would not be an easy one. I stay true to that commitment even when itContinue reading “Mirror Mirror”

Jewels, Gems & Gunpowder

I would love to hear from you! Sharing Saturday with you. A Jewel: I hate religion. I absolutely despise it. It captures people and keeps them in dark deception. Religious folks think they are just so good. It makes my soul hurt when I hear religious people talking. God does not need your good. HeContinue reading “Jewels, Gems & Gunpowder”

F N’ F (Fear Not Friday)

On the discussion of fear — Do you feel like you are battling along in life alone? Incest is a lonely journey from the moment it touches your life. Who understands what has happened to you? Who do you tell? Who do you talk to about it? Usually, no one. And, that hurts. The messageContinue reading “F N’ F (Fear Not Friday)”

Small goals / big dreams

Trauma seems to be all about broken connections. Connection is broken with the body/self, family, friends, community, nature, and God. And likewise, it seems, healing trauma is about restoring these connections. Rebuilding trust, regaining confidence, returning to a sense of security and reconnecting to love are all instrumental in healing our hearts, our brains, ourContinue reading “Small goals / big dreams”

You’re As Sick As Your Family Secrets

Were you raised in an abusive family?  Did selfish, abusive or sadistic parents sit at the head of your family table? Did evil permeate your daily childhood existence? The price we pay to stay connected to our abusers is almost impossible to quantify. The immense burden of carrying around families secrets is a weight soContinue reading “You’re As Sick As Your Family Secrets”

Fledgling warrior of acceptance

I sometimes think of myself as a “fledgling warrior of acceptance”. Why “warrior?” Because unconditional acceptance is so damn hard! Why “fledgling?”, because I’m not very good at it! True acceptance is to acknowledge the facts of the world as they are and to interact gracefully with the demands of the present moment, whether youContinue reading “Fledgling warrior of acceptance”

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