On Integrity

What is integrity? Is it not smoking, swearing and not hanging out with those that do? What’s the gauge by which we measure? It surely is not judgment. Seems to me that integrity these days is the person with the strongest conviction that they are right. By whose standards are they right? If you useContinue reading “On Integrity”

The Fangs of Darkness

Why do I bring up evil? It is the one thing that most counselors don’t speak of. It is not the subject of healing mantras and seldom is it recognized in trauma recovery. That doesn’t mean it’s not real and the very essence of incest. Do I love the family members that I came through?Continue reading “The Fangs of Darkness”

My Dearest Daughters,

Thank you for your letter last week. These are truthful and hard. Here’s my reply. I know that it’s difficult to sort through the rubble, expel the trash and keep only what is good. That’s what coming through trauma looks like. That process really can’t change but it does get easier. Being a parent, unlessContinue reading “My Dearest Daughters,”