A Moral to the Story

I believe it doesn’t matter what standing looks like. I’ve learned to just stand. It’d be great if peace always stood with me, but that sometimes is not possible. I’ve had to toughen up through this healing process. I believe it’s the kind of growth that’s required. To be clear, this isn’t a protection thatContinue reading “A Moral to the Story”

Heart or Head Issue?

Did I need my head repaired through cognitive resources or was it more important for my heart to heal? I don’t know if Jesus is in the business of mental health but I’m certain that He heals the brokenhearted and sets free the captive. I know this because I didn’t need my brain fixed, IContinue reading “Heart or Head Issue?”

Unadulterated Wickedness

In my early 20s, the adult children in my family (with my mother as a supposed ally) confronted our father about the pervasive sexual abuse he had perpetrated. But for the slow aide in the healing process, this did very little to rid us of his evil or my mother’s. After this family meeting, myContinue reading “Unadulterated Wickedness”

Recovery or Redemption?

It’s a buzz word but what does it mean? The very definition of the word doesn’t really work for me. Recovery is returning to a normal state of health, mind, or strength. What’s normal? What exactly am I returning to? My entire life is not something I want to return to and returning to whoseContinue reading “Recovery or Redemption?”

I’m Tired

I’m tired of telling the truth. I’m tired of looking back. I am tired of the struggle. It’s been such a heavy burden. I picked up this backpack and I’ve been carrying it around since I was about four. It’s a cool backpack with compartments everywhere, some of which are even hidden. One pocket hasContinue reading “I’m Tired”

Laid Bare

I remember being asked the question, “What is your deepest fear?” My response always seemed odd, but it was the first thing my mind answered, “Having someone sit next to me in my deepest suffering.” Isn’t that strange? I always thought so, too, but it was the only answer my mind bellowed in response toContinue reading “Laid Bare”