Mirror Mirror ~ Self Harm

What better way to start a week but through introspection.

QUESTION: If I asked myself the question, “How do I harm myself?” I have a myriad of ways.

Oh, we know the usual harms of hurting our flesh (over eating or self-indugent behavior of any kind). But, beyond the obvious ways — what about harming ourselves through:

  • Detrimental thoughts
  • Self-demeaning words
  • Contaminating violations of self-abhorence
  • Hating the image of yourself
  • Vile words of contempt about who you are, who you’ve been or who you are not

I could make this list long, I’m sure. I have spoken more negative words to myself than I have positive ones. Isn’t that the agreement I made as a child?

The words around me in childhood were defeating — improvised words of self-hatred being taught to me. Oh the damage that tries to stay with me.

Today, I do my best to defeat this inner dialogue. It serves NO GOOD PURPOSE. But, it’s a tough one.

Father, today, I come before you and graciously ask you to teach me how to love myself on a deeper level. I am your child everyday — that should be enough but I hold myself in contempt for things I have or haven’t done. Help me find peace. Help me find deeper love. Help me be still. Perfect me in your love.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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One thought on “Mirror Mirror ~ Self Harm

  1. Self harm…. I hurt myself so badly I’m supposed to know better
    but it’s not easy. some people look but say or ask nothing others ask
    … one lady said: what happens in Vagas stays in Vagas… good answer or
    … you are asking the wrong questions – Robot movie

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