Fear Not Friday ~ Do you fear mystery?

As a child I lived more damaged days then good days. I did not like not knowing what was going to happen next. The next thing that was going to happen woulnd’t be good. I determined that as my rule of thumb.

I’m not sure I ever really broke that rule of thumb, but I’m learning to now.

What if the next thing to happen is amazing? What if there is not more junk in my future but happiness, a full life, and joy?

What a thought?

God is mysterious, isn’t he?

“The spiritual life cannot be made suburban,” said Howard Macey.

“It is always frontier and we who live in it must accept and even rejoice that it remains untamed.”

The greatest obstacle to realizing our dreams is the false self’s hatred of mystery. That’s a problem, you see, because mystery is essential to adventure. More than that, mystery is the heart of the universe and the God who made it. The most important aspects of any man’s world— his relationship with his God and with the people in his life, his calling, the spiritual battles he’ll face — every one of them is fraught with mystery. But that is not a bad thing; it is a joyful, rich part of reality and essential to our soul’s thirst for adventure.

wild at heart, john eldredg

Let the adventures begin!

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