A Ghost in Your Own Home

An abused child often feels like a ghost in their own home. They pass through its corridors, spectate on the sidelines, interacts (as best as they can) with the other people in the house… but they always feel like no one quite sees them.

For the abuser and neglected child, home is where you aren’t seen or heard. Home is the place you haunt.

And your parents only notice you when they want something from you. Not any other time.

When children get little or no affection and physical comfort, they are vulnerable to anyone who will give them attention. Sadly, they often they become sitting ducks for people who exploit them.

If you were an invisible child at home, know that you are not doomed to be forever invisible. Just because your parents lacked the intelligence, compassion, or just very basic human instinct of nurturing their young, that doesn’t mean you aren’t real, that you don’t matter, that you are unworthy.

Because you are worthy. As a human being, you have dignity. You matter.

We can heal! In time, we can learn to reparent ourselves and have the lives we were never afforded.

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