God Made Everything

In the quiet of my new life, I have begun to understand a few things.

At a certain point in my healing journey, I realized – I am never alone.

This silence is alive with the unfolding of other lives and with the turning and movement of the Earth and the presence of God who oversees all things. His has made everything we touch, love and experience.

As I got better, I began to sense my connection to the world’s pain and my part in healing it.

I realized that my transformation of pain into love was an act of service for humankind.

By embracing my existence, I could bring courage to others to face their own pain and to acknowledge what it had to teach them.

We are connected, to each other and to the world. An unhealed life is a statement of our need to work together to heal the whole. It is an opportunity to refrain from turning away, separating our reality from the reality of others.

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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

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