When Your Trauma Gets Old

When you feel like you’re finally out your trauma but quickly realize your trauma is not out of you.

The truth is that trauma is not just “in your head”… and you can’t think yourself out of it.

Lord knows I’ve tried!

After all, trauma is an invisible wound. When we as survivors can forget it’s there.

There are many days when I want to simply be completely moved on from my past. I get sick of its impact on my life and in my body. But then I come back around to the idea that running always makes it worse and that staying and continuing to do the work to heal my body is the only way to continue forward.

Lugging emotions, trauma, guilt, resentment, and memories with us can compound day-to-day stress, to further age us, wreak havoc on our bodies and health, and result in serious long-term consequences, such as excess weight, anxiety, and even physical pain and poor posture. Even doctors are now on board with these facts.

We may be out of the situations that traumatized us but they may not fully be out of us.

Keep going. Every prayer. Every act of self care and balancing the nervous system is a gift to oneself and another step out of the pit of trauma.


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