Don’t shrink from vulnerability

One of the hardest things… is taking time to allow ourselves to feel whatever we feel—frightened, anxious, or uncertain.

Our default position is to try and protect ourselves from pain, but it never really works.

Trying to cover over our vulnerability cuts us off from fully experiencing what life has to offer.

Plus, it makes us shrink into ourselves—and it prevents us from seeing the vulnerability of all other people.

Something we could try is when we feel bad about something—worried about money, or fearful of getting sick—is to simply allow ourselves to experience the feeling.

Most of the time we get drawn into our feelings and swept away by the rush of thoughts and stories that we weave around them.

Then we really feel bad.

What we could try here is to lightly touch the feeling and accept that we’re feeling it. We simply hold it in our awareness.

Gradually, we can remember that these are exactly the same kind of feelings that everyone has. Just as we are vulnerable, so are other people.

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