God won’t let you go ..,

No matter our state in life — married, single, dating, living for God or running from Him — God seeks to win the affection of our hearts by relentlessly and faithfully pursuing us.

God perused me even when I rejected him. When I lobbed anger and blame and hurt his way. God never gave up on me or abandoned me.

When I begged him to give me a sign or show me mercy – he was right there by my side. I couldn’t see it at the time, but he never left me…even when I left him.

For 15 years, God pursued me to the ends of the earth. He put people in my path to deposit seeds of truth in my life. And even though I denied Him over and over again, God never gave up on me. His love is just that extravagant. Despite my sins and failures, He continued to pursue me with radical determination.

Maybe you’ve been running from God, too, continually refusing to surrender your life to Him. Stop. Listen. You might just hear Him say, as He said to me, “I have picked you up and placed you here. Surrender. It’s time for you to let go.” Don’t take another step without the Lord. Everything you’ve ever desired can be found in Him.

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