Mirror Mirror ~ How Do You See Yourself?

Introspection — what better way to start a week.

Question: How would you describe yourself right now?

The description I use for myself — to myself — determines how I am treated.

In the not too distant past, I viewed myself with the lowlifes, the users, the drinkers, those that abuse themselves and others. Not a pretty picture but I did it all the time. I’d go to work in my nice clothes, at my nice job, and then become a different creature after work.

Sometimes I meet a married guy and spend the evening with him. Sometimes I drink until 4 am and be late for work or show up on time severly hungover. Sometimes I’d just go home, open a bottle of wine, and cry in the bathtub for hours.

Not a very good picture of a good life, is it?

I was putting the value on my life — no one else was. The abusers had long since gone away — or had they? I saw my mother often until a few years ago. I cannot tell you how detrimental that was for me. The problem is, she doesn’t love herself or me.

If you think the message you tell yourself about who you are doesn’t matter, I beg to differ.

So, answer the question – How would you describe yourself right now?

I would encourage you to try to use this standard when loving on yourself:


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