To Survivors, A Prayer

Dear God,

I pray for the survivors who are still trapped in the cycle of trauma and feel hopeless.

Re-framing your life after a deep upset – getting your story right – can require considerable energy and imagination. All traumatised people have lost something. Usually the thing they have lost is the safe, predictable world that they knew; it can touch a person at the deepest existential level. Trauma creates a rupture in a person’s life story.

God, let our traumas teach us about the shortness of life, the preciousness of life, the closeness of mortality, the possibility that their loved ones may be gone tomorrow. Let us lean on you to draw inward to our natural resilience.

Let us live as if ww were living already for the second time and as if we had acted the first time as wrongly as we are about to act now.

Remind us, Father, that no valley is too deep for You to fill and no mountain is too tall for You to climb.

In Your Name, Amen

B 🤍

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