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On the discussion of fear, do you have a healthy fear of spending all your time seeking pleasure?

I grew up in our house on Delaware Lane for the first four years of my life. My father had full reign to exercise his demonic desires of pedophilia whenever he wanted. It was an absolute free for all, and I do mean all. My dad, my mother, and their friend, Craig.

Dad ran the house like it was a brothel. Instead of women on the menu, it was children. His own children.

Just because you can, does it mean you should?

I am convinced that nothing but calamity lives in their souls. Peace escapes them as they try to reason their way out of their lack of integrity and pitiful existences.

My full forgiveness they can have. That doesn’t stop the consequences of their choices. Their lives are living disasters.

It created a desire in me to keep the benefits of selfish, pleasure seeking behavior in check in my life. I enjoy life largely but I hold a lot more than just my own desires in my heart.

The question I ask myself is, “am I giving back or just taking in life?”

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