Mirror Mirror ~ Mothers Are Not Forever Faithful

Introspection — what better way to start a week.

Are mother’s given too much leniency in cases of incest or childhood sexual crimes?

Why do we offer quick mercy and tolerance to the mother’s that were in these homes? Year after year these women sit by these sick, abusive men and do nothing. Sure, they tell us they are victims of these men but they are also mothers. Mothers that should have a watchful eye protecting their children from ALL things, including the fathers.

I happen to be one of the mothers that did not protect my children soon enough from their father. I hold myself in high accountability for the abuse they received while under my care as children. It certainly was not their fault. In my case, my own horrific childhood had left me a mummy, immobile, and unable to speak up for us. But, I learned and eventually got us out of their. I still had to wholeheartedly apologize for the horrendous treatment they received in our home.

What about the mothers that are abusers themselves? Those pedophiles that go unnoticed and unaccounted for because they are women. They are out there. The numbers of incestuous mothers and female pedofiles are far greater than we want to see.

There is a shift happening. The shift of the innocent coming out from behind the curtains to share their stories.

The brave are rising.
Their voices will bring an accountability to these heinous crimes.

Female pedophiles — we see you! You are caught. We are telling our stories.

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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

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