F N’ F (Fear Not Friday) ~ Do you fear incest is a life sentence?

On the discussion of fear — Do you fear the residual effects of incest will last a lifetime?

In reality, it kind of does. There isn’t a part of my life that isn’t marred by the damage of incest. My entire childhood was ruled by this cruel master.

There is a story of sibling incest in the bible between brother and sister. King David’s children, Ammon and Tamar. After Ammon raped Tamar, it was the culture in their time that she was mandated to live as a virtual widow, her chances for an honorable marriage ended.

Her incestuous rape was for her a life sentence.

It made me think of all the destruction left in each victim’s life today. This is a crime of hell. It’s evil. It’s fingers lurk into the present lives of the many victims speaking cruel outcomes, shaming and adding layer upon layer of guilt for a crime they did not commit.

Instead of being victim to these prepetrators for my entire life, I am fighting back. I will not be quiet. I will not shut up. I’m going to stand and take back what was taken from me.

I want to bring you out of those prison cells, too!

Ask yourself this question: How has incest left its lasting mark on your life?

Today I am a fredom figther. It is who I am. I no longer live in prison, I’ve been set free.

And, to finish this incestuous rape story from 2 Samuel, Tamar’s oldest brother comforted her and avenged her rape by killing Ammon.

Rapist do not win!

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