F N’ F (Fear Not Friday) ~ Do you fear love?

On the discussion of fear — Do you fear receiving love?

My childhood held little love. What I could receive, I got from a loving grandmother and uncle. Other than that, this little girl received a lot of rejection, hate, and abuse. That was yesterday but it effected how I lived. I didn’t pick people who would love me. I picked abusers over and over again.

Do you know why?

I feared love. Now, I didn’t wholeheartedly understand what love was – it was a mystery to me. Fear lived in the place where love should have dwelled.

Fear overshadowed everything.

Then, in my early 20s, I heard that the bible taught that God’s perfect love drove out fear. That if I had fear, I had no love. Wow! What a liberating thing to try to pursue.

I am still pursing that today. Finding God’s perfect love and filling the wholes left in my being.

Ask yourself this question: Do you have more fear than love in your heart?

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