Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother?

But what if your father and mother didn’t honor you? What if instead of loving and honoring you they physically, sexually and emotionally abused you? What if you were scared every day of your growing up years? And what if, when you finally grow up and start to face the fact that your family of origin abused you, and through some therapy finally gain the courage to confront them with the abuse, they completely deny it and tell you that you are crazy? Do you stay in that family system or leave it?

There is little cultural sympathy, support, information, or education for adult children who are starting to face the fact that their family of origin abused them, and often their abusive family is still trying to get them to stay in the family system and play their programmed role.

Staying in this situation only perpetuates the abuse that you are trying to heal. Further, it can put other children or people in harms way and we become complicit in part of the ongoing and generational cover up of abuse. If we can do it for ourselves, sometimes it’s easier to do for others.

Many will never understand but your responsibility is to take loving care of yourself and share your love with those who love you, rather than allowing yourself to continue to be abused.

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