F N’ F (Fear Not Friday) ~ Discussions

On the discussion of fear — Do you fear discussions?

Discussions can make us feel vulnerable, right? Who will be right? Who will be wrong? What will “they” learn about me? And, on and on our inside critic begins.

I rather enjoy the art of discussing today. It’s risky for sure, but it is necessary. We learn through conversation. We can stipulate to what we are hearing or we can ignore and deny it. Conversing doesn’t need an end point. It can be merely to interact with another person.

We don’t have to judge everything we hear. We also don’t have to have an opinion about it. We can just listen.

Enter the ring next time something comes up. It can be fun, it can be scary, but it won’t leave you feeling alone.

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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

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