When Grief Leads to Gratitude

Practicing gratitude this week is the collective realization of my family that all of the hard work we have done to free ourselves from our toxic, unhealthy family, extricate ourself from self-destructive familial patterns, and set ourselves on a path of Truth seeking and healing is truly showing itself in remarkable ways. Sometimes, the effort we put into healing isn’t immediately felt or seen. Sometimes, in fact, things feel harder, less familiar and we often feel stuck, overwhelmed and more alone than ever when we have to give up certain coping mechanisms and leave behind family and our abusers. Even if leaving these things behind is best for us, it can still feel excruciating to give them up. For some time, you just have to put in the work and hope that what you’re doing will ultimately show up in your life in a myriad of ways – blessings, gifts, gems, whatever you want to call them.

Our family has been through a tremendous amount of trauma. Most people who go through the kind of traumas we go though don’t really have strong bonds that remain intact though the healing process. We’ve had our fair share of breaks, hurts, and struggles but we’ve come through them stronger and with better boundaries and more hope.

Today, I see all of us standing independent, in charge of our own lives but also open and receptive to the love each of us brings to the table. For that, I am endlessly proud.

B 🤍

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