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“Childhood sex abuse has a lifelong impact on the victim and their entire family. It may lead to increased anxiety, depression, and physical symptoms. In such cases of abuse, the family has the right to pursue compensation for the child’s suffering.”

from Cordisco & Saile LLC

Cordisco & Saile LLC offers this resource link: It is so important to know your rights.

There are many law firms across the nation that have practice areas for “Child Sex Abuse.” If you or a loved one is a victim, you may be able to seek justice and pursue compensation. Google “Child Sex Abuse” lawyers to find help in your area.

For informational purposes only, I share this example from Cordisco & Saile LLC website:

How Can a Child Sex Abuse Lawyer Help?

We will do the following for you and your family:

  • Learn who’s responsible for your child’s abuse: The perpetrator is often not the only party responsible. Too often, sexual abuse occurs while a child is under the care of a trusted institution with a legal duty to protect the children in its care. When an organization fails to provide a safe environment, the family has the right to pursue compensation. We investigate the cause of your child’s abuse to identify all liable parties.
  • Evaluate your case and determine the compensation you deserve: Child sex abuse can create many costly problems for the family. We help our clients evaluate their financial and non-financial losses and build a claim.
  • Fight for justice on your child’s behalf: Abusers face criminal charges, but often they don’t. Furthermore, the organizations that enable them are rarely charged. We will work through the civil courts to hold perpetrators and their enablers responsible for your child’s suffering.  

Example of Child Sex Abuse Statute of Limitations (Pennsylvania)

Under a 2019 Pennsylvania law amending the statute of limitations, child sexual abuse survivors abused before age 18 have until their 55th birthday to file a lawsuit.Before the 2019 law, the civil statute of limitations required child victims to file a case within 12 years of turning 18, or by age 30. However, the 2019 law was not retroactive, so survivors who had already turned 30 by 2019 are time-barred from filing lawsuits. Meanwhile, the 2019 law also gives individuals who were between the ages of 18 and 23 when the sexual abuse occurred until their 30th birthday to file suit. While people between 18 and 23 are not considered minors, they can still suffer sexual abuse from forcible compulsion—via physical, emotional, or psychological force—or the threat of forcible compulsion. 

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