Doing Nothing …

How many of us really know how to be still? Do nothing? I know I really struggle with it. My personality is such that I’m always trying to optimize, heal, learn, do, be better. But it’s exhausting and can be counterproductive in terms of really being present in our lives.

I’ve been trying to teach my kids the valuable skill of doing nothing by setting a timer for 10 mins and instructing them to literally do nothing. No toys, no TV, zilch! And I follow suite. It isn’t easy! For any of us. But it’s a good practice to be in, I believe.

Fulfillment is a balancing act between moments of joy and moments of stillness. One of the hardest things is learning to be okay with this duality of life.

Often we can find more fulfillment simply by paying attention. Notice every now and again when you feel a sense of calm. When you’re going for a walk, notice how you put one foot in front of the other without thinking about it. Sometimes that in itself is enough to amaze me and bring me a sense of contentment.


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