Break the habit of being yourself.

Can you break the habit of being yourself?

Can you change your personality?

Can you shift from mostly negative thinking to positive?

I’ve done it!

I used to be chronically negative, cynical and completely defeated about my life. I lived in the past and my body was trapped there too. So much of this was automatic by the time I reached adulthood. My brain was hardwired to expect bad things.

I had never felt safe in my body as a child and, as an adult, it had become a protective shell, shutting down during moments both innocuous and intimate.

During the healing process, you can actually rewire and retrain your brain to reverse the effects of trauma. You can reinforce your prefrontal cortex and get back rationality and control. You can strengthen your hippocampus and help your memory work how it’s supposed to.

You can stop letting your past dictate your future.

Reinhabiting your body is scary when it has never felt like a safe place, and the process has been slow and excruciating for me. But the progress I’ve made is astounding and I never want to stop improving my relationship with my body, my soul, with God or with my loved ones.

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