Choosing Joy

As I tried to make sense of all the pain, I was left with one question for God:


While the person that started the fire is still out there- unpunished. Living their life in total freedom. Free of consequence and seemingly, of suffering.

But I know, what I’ve always known, no one can think for me. No one can choose for me where I allow my thoughts to settle. No one can ultimately decide which way I choose to go.

Mature people are those who learn to suffer well. Suffering well requires learning how to return to joy from the injustices and pain of life. Maturity is not something you develop in a day. There are no short cuts. It’s hard work …. But man is it worth it.

But there are choices I can make that will increase my capacity for joy. And the cumulative impact of those choices will go a long way toward growing a deeper walk with God.


Choosing joy requires capacity. Capacity requires hard work. It may not be easy. But it reaps rewards that are worth the effort.”
—Dr. Marcus Warner

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