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There are a myriad of books on the topic of healing from childhood sexual abuse. There are some fantastic memoirs that help us feel a partnership on this burdensome road to healing. Read them! Share them! Find life and hope through them. Years before I went to a counselor to dive deeper, I put my head into books and learned about the process of healing. It helped tremendously.

Tomorrow on Let’s Talk About It | Destigmatizing Childhood Sexual Crimes, the author of First, I Believe You, A True Story of Healing from Hidden Memories of Severe Childhood Trauma, will be with us to share her story. The conversation will delve into the realities of living through tremendous abuse, what it looks like, how recovered memories return, and the complicated family relationships.

This YouTube channel does much more than just share the story, we talk about the road OUT to healing and the multiple complications that follow us.

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