WWW | Wednesday Words of Wisdom | What Was Stolen from You?

When we learn to articiulate what our abuse took from us, we can grieve appropriately and begin to heal. If we sit in a muck of undiscovery, never articulating what we feel, we stay stuck, unhealed and a stranger to ourselves.

Why discuss it?

If you were a child when these sexual crimes happened to you, you won’t have the words you need to coherntly express what you lived through until you give it voice. It will stay stuck in the cavern of childhood. Children do not know how to talk about their experience. They need to be asked the right questions – often through play therapy and so on.

If you’ve never talked about the abuse you received, how do you intelligibly explain it?

Illuminating our experiences with verbal expression is paramount to healing. It is a must.

Coming through my childhood, I had no virginity remotely left to give to anybody. I had no trust. I couldn’t rest so my peace was shattered. I feared day and night and night and day. I didn’t understand the concept of love. Hate rang through my being like a whiffle ball being hurled my way over and over.

So, I ask you again, what was taken from you when the crime occurred?

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