Why Do You Get Your Past, But I Don’t Get Mine?

If people with good childhoods get to tell their story and hang onto their past, why don’t those of us with bad upbringings get the same privilege?

Everyone around me gets the privilege of recalling & telling childhood memories – except for me. Everyone reminisces about the stuff that made them who they are – except, I can’t.

I’m sorry they won’t allow me to share my stuff. It made me who I am – except, I can’t share that part. They won’t let me.

I don’t mind if you know me. I’m willing to reveal all of who I am. Can I please tell you my story so that you may understand me better?

Nope, they don’t want to hear. I’m not shunned necessarily but I’m looked at as, “I feel bad for you, but we don’t want to hear your story.” You need to heal and get rid of that.

Why? I listen to your stories all the days long. Time and time again, I hear about the past from everyone around me, except – they don’t want me to tell a story at the table. They get to, but I do not.

Is this fair? Nope! Will this change in my life time? Probably not.


Listen, I am much more than my past but I don’t hear anyone with a good childhood being told to “not live in their past.” They use their past for strength in their today. The love and protection they were given they draw from all the time. There is nothing wrong with that.

So, here’s the thing — if their past is still with them for the good feel free to jump back into your past and extinguish the fires of yesterday. Our past remains with us. Period. It’s just a certainity.

How we choose to handle our past is what matters.

Wildflowers on the mountains of Montana! You see you today. All love!

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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

4 thoughts on “Why Do You Get Your Past, But I Don’t Get Mine?

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the importance of being able to share our stories, regardless of whether our pasts were good or bad. Understandably, it can be frustrating and hurtful when others are unwilling to listen to your experiences.

    It’s true that our pasts shape who we are and that everyone should have the opportunity to share their stories. It’s important to remember that our pasts do not define us, but they are a part of who we are. How we choose to handle our histories is what truly matters.

    I hope you will find people who are willing to listen to your story and support you as you continue on your journey. Remember that your experiences and voice are valuable and deserve to be heard.

    Take care.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I so appreciate your words. I use my story to help leads other to the conclusion you also come to — it is how we handle our histories that matter. Yes! And, I work to destigmitize the shame and silence around childhood crimes. The world at large needs to reduce the secrecy around these topics so victims are free to share and heal. Thanks for being here! Blessings xxx

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