Mirror Mirror ~ What is Protection?

Introspection — what better way to start a week.

Question – When you receive no protection as a child, how do you know what it feels like?

I can look up the meaning of protection and I understand what it means. But, my heart has a hard time discerning protection. When you don’t have a deep understanding of protection, you walk alone with sudden unknowns lurking in the shadows. That’s not a good way to live.

All of my life this burden has been with me. It creates fear and the need to control. But, I know in reality I control very little in the big scheme of life. I couldn’t even help the murdered woman with all of my wrangling of the police and different authorites. It saddens me.

And, I have lived a very full life. One that has been felt on the deepest levels that exist. I am proud of myself for carrying on inspite of the hurdles I was given. God remains my beacon.

Ask yourself this question: What does protection look like to you?

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