Comfort Zones

When I was on drugs sometimes it would occur to me that I was using them, in part, so that I didn’t have to face taking true risks and failing. I could always blame drugs on the fact that I wasn’t fulfilling my potential. I knew it deep in my heart and it would shock me awake for just a second … long enough to feel a sense of dread and panic.

The thing is, you don’t need to drugs to avoid taking risks and fulfilling your true potential. You can use almost any excuse in the book – work, past traumas, kids, financial problems, etc etc.

The inescapable truth for everyone is that you will not fulfill your purpose in life without stepping outside your comfort zone.

You’ll never know what you are capable of if you give in to fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

If you want more out of life you have to push your boundaries.

No this doesn’t mean you have to jump off cliffs or go skydiving, oftentimes it’s little changes or action steps that can make a big change.

If there is something that you feel hesitant to do at all, that is probably your sign to push through and do it.

Your comfort zone feels easy. So if life seems too easy lately, challenge that.

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