WWW | Wellness Words Wednesday | Denial vs. Emotions

The first weapon against abusive attacks when you are small is to find an area of your brain to place the bad — and, leave it there. While that is how God designed us to make it through those unsafe years, we have to change that pattern now to heal.

Denial leaves a thick impenetrable barrier between us and our emotions. Emotions were given to us for many reasons: to feel happiness, sadness, and everything in between; anger helps us know when there is a violation against our being and so on.

When you first begin to move out of denial and start living in your story, emotions are so raw and new they can feel exaggerated.

Feel them anyway!

Emotions are born to guide us. While we do not live a life dictated by our emotions, we certainly should use them.

Prodded on by hope I take each new day with fresh steps. Despair still rains a bit on me for the injustices I see in this world, but I do believe at the end of time God brings swift justice.

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