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I read once when you’re not meant to be in a certain place, career, relationship, or situation you’ll start receiving nods or messages that it’s time to leave. But if you fight it, God will make you so uncomfortable with yourself that you’ll be forced to part ways.

This was me for many years. Marred by trauma and unhealed childhood wounds, I never felt good in my skin or right in my shoes.I always feet this nagging sensation that something was off. A buzz of anxiety right below the surface. I had dreams, nightmares about certain people or choices I was making. I woke up in sweat. I felt constantly uneasy but I refused to address the thing I knew, just beyond my periphery, that I was ignoring or suppressing because I was too afraid of change.

I kept wanting God to save me. I wanted a grand sign. I never got one but I didn’t get many signs of over the years, every day of my life.

When I began to step into my own spiritual journey – everything in my life began to align.

People who were meant to be in my life stayed. Behaviors that I had tried so hard to control seemed to melt away. The trauma and anxiety and accompanying depression that had plagued me for years just seemed to drop off my shoulders.

And somewhere along this journey is when I discovered my power and my own spiritual gifts. It’s a beautiful thing; to be aligned with your highest self. To live in your purpose, do what you love, and create with passion.

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