WWW | Wellness Words Wednesday | When It Feels Like You’re Losing

A verdict was given yesterday to woman in a liable suit. She won $5 million against Donald Trump. Seriously? I am so offended. Power, money and politics – seems the only thing this court system gives a care about.

What about the deeply traumatized person just trying to survive? What about them? When is justice handed out to their perpetrator that put them in life prison?

How about the little child who cannot speak up for themselves? Where is this lawyer defending their rights? Fighting to serve justice on their behalf?

What about a missing person who is murdered? They have no voice. Voyeurs like to hear their stories but who really fights for their cause?

Senseless, horrible crimes go on every day – no one cares.

Two consenting adults battle out ego in court and the nation’s news covers the story. Really? I am just sick of it.

I see injustices every day. Victims of crimes that go unnoticed, untouched, and unheard. It is wrong. Just wrong.

On the cross when Jesus died, it seemed he lost. In truth – he earned the biggest victory mankind has ever seen.

Remember when it feels like you are losing – in Christ you always win. I have to remember to take my eyes off of this world for justice. It just doesn’t live here.

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