Mirror Mirror ~ What am I carrying in my heart?

Introspection — what better way to start a week.

Question – What am I carrying in my heart?

While my parents’ choices lived out in my life and I paid a brutal cost for them, I am still concerned and care about what lives out in my own heart. That is my responsibility, not theirs.

Do I hold bitterness that my life as a child held no peace?

Do I hold myself in contempt for coming from such debauchery?

Do I know how to now find the good in life and seek it with all that I am?

These questions and so many more float through my being. I want to be different than my past. In that effort, I cannot overlook my responsibility in it all. To live out my life differently, I must use intentional choice to aide the process of healing.

The hard work of healing demands this. You see you (UCU). God is not going to ask me at the end of my life about my parents. He is going to ask me about myself. And, I’m so glad for that.

I can chat with him about my deep internal suffering. He cares. I call out to him with my fears and I know he listens to me. He has taught me the road less traveled. The road that carries love and debunks shame. The path that sheds light on my next steps and doesn’t lead me in darkness.

What is your heart carrying?

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2 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror ~ What am I carrying in my heart?

  1. I have a lot of healing to do. I have ◀️ st so many that meant the world to me.

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