Be the Voice

So many claim to want peace, and love.

So many claim to be social justice warriors – speaking out against societal ills and abuse.

We lambast rape & sexual assault, we hate the one-off convicted pedophile we sometimes see on the news, we rail against marital rape (finally), sexual harassment, and we even support women who have felt even just used after a consensual sexual encounter.

But what about the children – in particular, the childhood victims of sexual rape, molestation, and incest.

As I lay next to my children, I can’t help but wonder, who could hurt them?

Thing is, perpetrators can be hard to spot … they live among us, may with the ability to charm and disarm…but with effort, I believe we can prevent many cases of childhood abuse if we started paying more attention, speaking up, telling our stories, having hard conversations, taking real action, etc.

Things we can do:

If you see abuse, stop it by any means necessary.

Teach your children how to recognize predators.

Protest for them. Research missing kids cases an speak up!

We need to watch all children. Always be aware.

Help single parents.

Donate to children’s charities.

Share knowledge.

Post about it.

Make it trend on Twitter, Facebook, and email.

Don’t ignore odd behavior when you see it involves a child.

Spread the word!

Please, our children need us. They can’t do it themselves. They rely on us; they are suffering. We need to be their voice.

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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

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