Become Trigger Smart

Triggers are confronting. They happen to everyone to a certain degree but especially to those who suffer from past trauma.

They happen to us at work, in relationships, and in interactions with complete strangers.

A trigger is basically an unhealed emotional wound. The level of emotions you experience gives you insight in to how long the trigger has gone suppressed.

They come on fast, unrelenting and often, without warning. You can feel it spreading through your body — the feeling of adrenaline and dyscombobulation, maybe feeling numb in your hands or your face, or having trouble expressing your thoughts.

But what if instead of avoiding our triggers, we became curious?

What is this trigger teaching me? ⠀

What event or memory from my past does this trigger remind me of? ⠀

What unhealed pain inside me is yearning to be seen?⠀

Our triggers can be our greatest teachers. It’s an invitation to observe what needs to be healed within us. ⠀

In healing triggers, we change the way we perceive the world around us and our interactions with the people in it. If we can identify triggers and separate ourselves from the emotional reaction, we gain insight.

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