Confronting the Past

Every day you are building something braver. Bolder. Every day you stand up to your abuser you are healing that part of yourself that never got to stand up.

How do you know if you are truly confronting your past and in turn your defenses around it?

Ask yourself:

• Are you discounting or minimizing the difficult and traumatic experiences you had in your childhood?

• Are you making what was abnormal normal?

• Are you protecting those who cared for you out of embarrassment, honor, or guilt?

• Are you denying that healing is possible?

• Are you avoiding the bad memories that you must confront and explore?

Only through openness, honesty, and compassion can the client truly face their past and find healing.

Denial is a normal part of the process but you cannot get to where you want to go without shedding it.

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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

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