Let Yourself Be Triggered

Don’t try to avoid your triggers. Instead face them, head on. Try to understand what they are telling you.

Get curious.

Go deeper.

If you’re trying to get through the world like an exposed wound, everything is going to feel like it may harm you.

So what is an emotional trigger?

A trigger is anything that incites a reactive, often intense, emotional response within you.

It could be something someone said, an event, or an article you read.

It could be a smell, sound, or thought that reminds you of a past experience.

It could even be seeing someone you dislike or hearing a statement you strongly disagree with.

True emotional healing doesn’t happen without feeling …sometimes feeling extremely uncomfortable, emotional or painful things.

By healing the parts of ourselves that are frozen in the past, we are able to bring them back into the present — and each time we do this we become less fragmented, and more whole.

Sometimes the best way to conquer what hurts you is to feel it more and get used to it, rather than hide from it.

Taking responsibility for yourself, your emotions, reactions, and everything you do is a core element of being a healthy, well-adjusted adult.. and an instrumental part of my healing.


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