Healing is not Linear

Healing is not linear, nor is it ever really complete. Living a full life means you continue to revisit your own depths to unearth a new piece of yourself. Each time you bring it to the light, you integrate it a little more.

Own your story. It’s the greatness that makes you the brave and amazing person that you are. Separating from your story is actually more painful than looking at it.

By separating from your story, you fragment your spirit back to the bottom of the barrel. By bringing your pain to the light, you retrieve a piece of your soul bit by bit.

Be patient with yourself and with your body. Escaping pain keeps our lives, our stories and our bodies fragmented.

Don’t be afraid.

Feeling is what life is all about.

B 🤍

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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

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