The Circle of Trust

Do you ever know you’re being nudged to do something but you ignore that deep inner feeling? Trauma, more than any one thing, can break us off from our connection with ourselves and also with God.

When you argue with God, you rob yourself of the opportunity to heal and grow. Often we resist growing and listening to God when we are still stuck in the past, encapsulated in fear and pain.

We quickly learn that the stories we tell ourselves will keep us stuck unless we question them. Often, we are our own worst enemy.

We all seek to protect ourselves, especially emotionally. Tough defenses often fail to keep us as safe as we hope, because they keep us from healing. The wear and tear of hiding from the pain can take an enormous physical toll on the body…let yourself feel the pain and let the pain change you and grow you into something new and different.

Your trauma doesn’t make God uncomfortable. Nobody is too damaged for Him to relate to.

Let yourself be changed. The scar left by trauma is supposed to change you. It’s the natural response to an unnatural experience like trauma. Perhaps it’s stating the obvious, but to be unchanged by an unnatural experience just isn’t natural.

Learning to Trust God and trust ourselves we can see more clearly the light that can shine through our own broken places and ultimately heal us: body, mind, and soul.

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