Let The Light In

Learning to hear the music again and find my creativity within after trauma has been an ongoing process.

Sometimes, I feel stifled and unable to access creative parts within me. Other times, I feel driven to create and express myself. Part of getting to deeper parts of ourselves means releasing pain.

I’ve found I need to allow the music to speak to me. To own the lyrics as if they were the whispers of my soul that I stopped listening to half a lifetime ago.

Your creativity belongs to you. It’s part of you. No one can take it away. It may take time to heal, or it may come rushing back all at once. But no matter which path your healing takes, it will be the one that you – unique, beautiful, brilliant you – are meant to walk.

How is your soul calling you to step into the light?

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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

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