I’m Scared

Yesterday I mailed out 12 packets on information to the President of the United States, the Governor of Washington, the Mayor of Vancouver, the Chief of Police, and two Washington Senators. I sent a courtesy copy to many local investigative reporters, too. My goal is to have them help me excavate and exhume the body of the murdered woman who has been lying their, under 20 years of garbage, for over 50 years. The Vancouver Police Department will not help me, so I’m casting my net broader.

I’m scared that they may not help me. I am also scared that they will. Would you please pray with me that I can find closure to this 50 year old homicide?

Healing from old wounds like this takes great courage. In truth, there are parts of me (like many of us) that wants to keep hidden the evils of yesterday. If we don’t explore them, they don’t exist, right?

Wrong! They exist. They haunt us. The inner battle is always on.

I pray I win this one so the family of this missing woman receives answers and she gets the burial she deserves.

If you would like to hear the story it was aired on The Vanished Podcast, Episode 355: Madeline Babcock. This murder woman deserves to be remembered.


You can also read it in my newly published book (audio book coming shortly):

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