F N’ F (Fear Not Friday)

Question — In a relationship with a person, what do you fear will be stolen from you?

Or better said for me, what do I believe will not be stolen. I hate to be a cynic, but aren’t most people motivated purely by self-interest? Are they sincere? Do they carry with them integrity?

Okay, through years and years of counseling and listening to God, I have stumbled upon a way to be part of relationships. I am just being honest here. It is very hard for me to trust that people have a sincere desire for my best.

Let’s think of work relationships — that’s easy. It is all about what you give to them. Easy peasy. They don’t have to care about you personally — and truthfully, they usually don’t Their vested interest is getting the work done.

Then, what about friends. That’s a complicated one for me. I am distrustful. That’s just the truth.

A significant other poses risks of the grandest kind. What can’t they take from you.

In all these scenarios the one thing that keeps my heart occupied with peace is this: they cannot take who I am. That is no longer negotiable.

So, what do you fear will be taken from you in relationship?

Forewarning: This book is intended for the brokenhearted person stumbling through life looking for answers, crawling through pain, trying to find meaning to it all. — It is a tough read by all measures. The graphic depiction of abuse may very likely open wounds. If you have been through trauma, take good care while reading.

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