F N’ F (Fear Not Friday)

Question — If you could attack anything, what would you attack?

In my first marriage, my wusband cheated over and over and over. I never wanted to be anger with the women he cheated with. My contract was with him. I wanted to attack him.

My father got away with murder. I never wanted to be anger at the police for not being able to intervene more, I was anger at my father.

My mother has never stood for me, never protected or loved me. She has feigned for the audiences of life and for her own control that she wants to help, but I know its nonsense. Help comes through admission. Period! I don’t charge other abusive, controlling woman with who my mother is. There was a time I wanted to attack them all. But, I mostly want to attack her.

What is my point with all this?

Find the real source of your pain, your agony. So often in life we project our anger and attack things that have nothing to do with the real source.

Ask yourself who it is that you are most angry with.

You don’t have to fear anger just use it appropriately and apply it accurately.


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