Societal Failure

How many times does history have to repeat itself before we learn that values matter? Families matter. Moral courage matters. Honor and integrity matter. Not only for individual happiness and prosperity, but for the good and strengthening of society.

Which fails us first…The family or society? Too many parents become distracted by all that society is offering, and they fail to focus time and instruction toward their children.  Children, having no guidance because of absent parents, become swayed by what society is offering, and the cycle continues, but compounds with each new generation.

Now add trauma to this mix. It’s a recipe for utter and total annihilation. Most children never recover. With nobody to catch them when they fall, they turn to outside sources to sooth their pain – drugs, sex, addictions of every kind.

Disconnection is the name of the game. Where parents put their own needs above their children’s needs. When society values progress and capital above all else. When we ignore the huge underbelly of childhood sexual abuse….we will never heal.


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