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Hope is the secret weapon! Hope explores the possibility that some good does exist. Hope believes in you. Hope opens the doors that cannot be shut on you. It is a powerful thing to be believed, isn’t it?

From the book A Prisoner by No Crime of My Own,

Chapter 19 – Could It Be Madeline?

“A cheap Saturday night took you down. You died stupidly and harshly . . .I failed you as a talisman – so I stand now as your witness.”

– My Dark Places, James Ellroy

After Dad’s death, the police investigation didn’t seem to be going anywhere.

I met with them one last time, but there wasn’t funding, even if they wanted to help. The reality was that the murderer was also dead now. The last thing we were told is that they believed Madeline Babcock’s remains had been found in Linn County, Oregon. If that were true, it would completely negate Madeline being the woman I remembered from 1968. We waited for the answer.

In the meantime, I talked with Foster about me spearheading an effort to get to know Madeline Babcock’s sister. The police told me not to contact her, but I was running out of options and people were aging every day. I wanted to see if this sister had any information that would match anything I had.

Foster replied, “If the police aren’t going to do any more, then certainly you have the right to continue.”

I love how Foster taught me my rights. I did have rights, not just privileges.

I can never be certain if Madeline “Lynn” Babcock is the person buried in the sink hole that day, but you can be the judge and jury. I’m fine with that. My pursuit was not just mine alone, but for this woman I had met. I had to do all I could while there was still some sun light casting a ray of hope.

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