F N’ F (Fear Not Friday)

Question — Do you fear turmoil? Chaos?

I did for many, many years. I was taught to avoid conflict. The very thought of fighting back would have caused me more pain in my upbringing and in the abusive marriage of 17 years that I found myself in.

I was a great student. Abusers taught me silence. God taught me to speak. Wherever you find yourself today, if you are bowing down to abuse to avoid conflict, stand up, find the courage, and walk away. God does not want you in abuse. Never!

If you believe you are being a good person by allowing the “abuser” to have their way, you couldn’t be more wrong. God does not desire you to be a door mat. Never!

Avoiding conflict, chaos and turmoil most often costs us more abuse.

You are a child of God. As His child, you are free. Believe that he wants the best for you. Believe that sometimes standing up and telling someone to F*#k off is a God thing. Trust me on that. Sometimes that is the only voice we can find — use it!

Are you hiding by avoiding conflict?

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