How do you rest?

I am tired…
anyone else?

Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between who I am as a human, who I am as a parent, who I am as a partner, and who the heck I an from moment to moment. Feeling exhausted doesn’t help with this.

I’ve been trying to prioritize more rest in my life … and I often think about what rest really means. I love this quote from Dr. Asp, who attempts to pin down a unified vision of rest, and offers up this lovely definition: “The essence of rest is an experience of harmony concerning one’s feelings, actions, and motivation. This implies that there is a capacity for actions, which is carried out in accordance with a sensation of pleasure. Rest appears when one’s needs and longing correspond to the shape and character of the environment. Rest takes many different states, from calm, demand-free, and peaceful conditions to conditions where one is open and perceptive to pleasurable impressions. The essence of rest is characterized by a sense of confidence and trust in one’s own inviolable human dignity and in being loved.” (Am I crying reading a scientific paper? Maybe!!!)

I’ve learned you in order to figure out what rest means for you, you have to check in with yourself a lot.

How do you rest?

B 🤍

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