A Challenge of Courage

Incest and all childhood sexual assault is wicked and evil. Call it what you will, but no person with true faith could rape a child.

Why are we so dull? Why do we want to soften the blow of wickedness? Is it easier to not include evil with such acts?

What else on God’s green earth could do such atrocities to children?

Childhood sexual abuse and incest is pure, unadulterated darkness. Look at all the devastation it leaves in the lives of the victims.

Denial is the brace that holds it all together.

When I hear stories of childhood rape being told, where is the call out to the evil it represents? There just usually isn’t that reference. It sounds something like, “oh, I was molested by my brother. I’m mad about it, my family doesn’t believe me. And, well, I’ll get on with it.”

What? There is darkness in a brother who would rape a sister. Period.

Or how about the leach down the street – you know, the one you babysat for. Was he evil when he pushed himself on you when you were just a child? Or was that just flirtatious play? Do you hold no residual effects now in your life? You better look real close at that.

I have heard it all. What I haven’t heard is that all of these crimes come straight from the pit of hell. Period. Satan’s best weapon to wound people for the rest of their living years.

I am here to fight that with every last breath I have in me.

If you were raped by your father, that isn’t just bad – it is pure evil. Did your mom have a relationship of incest with you? IT IS EVIL!

But, Jesus sets us free!

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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

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