Something in the Water

There’s just something in the air …It all feels like something’s closing in on us, becoming more severe, as we inch, faster and faster, toward implosion. 

People don’t seem well. Which is strange because for many years, I felt everyone around me had it so together. When I came to, got sober and started to heal, I began to realize that this was not particularly true. Many, if not all people, seemed to be in constant suffering around me.

The defining difference was that they seemed better at hiding it.

But I couldn’t hide it. I couldn’t push down all the horrible things I had endured and the toxic culture which seemed to allow it. Plus, being in addiction brought me far away from all the things that people seemed so caught up in – materialism, vacuous interaction, dead end jobs, disconnection, rampant denial and all the rest.

At least my addiction was proof that I could not accept these things, that I would not allow what happened to me to be swept under the rug. I wanted my pain to be a marker … a buoy in the endless dark water that was my life.

Gabor Maté said: “So much of what we call abnormality in this culture is actually normal responses to an abnormal culture. The abnormality does not reside in the pathology of the individuals, but in the very culture that drives people into suffering and dysfunction.

There is still a big part of me that feels addict are the ones responding appropriately to this culture … not the other way around.

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