Mirror Mirror ~ Introspection

Introspection — what better way to start a week.

Question – What do you NOT forgive yourself for?

A journal entry of mine from December 17, 2006:

Wasted days and wasted nights is the song that jollies my mind tonight. Little Miss Going Out Needing Attention Too Much! I have got to chill. Hide away and rest.

Personal journal

The road to healing and discovery is not an easy one. Had I turned off the road, I would have been lost, stuck, and failed. It was a messy journey and still is sometimes.

Do I forgive myself for all the choices I’ve made through the years? I wonder. The married men I slept with, the wasted nights I spent chasing misery because I hadn’t walked through forgiveness and was full of anger.

I’ve carried shame about my own choices, too. Not just the shame from my upbringing. There is a cost to the run.

I had to choose to never stop trying to make better choices.

What do you hold against yourself today?

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